Our Process

At CodeBright, we believe that “failing to plan, is planning to fail.” We spend the bulk of time getting to know our clients, understanding their business, and identifying their competitors. We want to ensure we understand exactly who you are and what you want before we ever talk about designing your site. For instance, is your website purely informational, or will it be a an online store? Do you have a single location, or are you regional or even national? Do you have the resources to provide and/or update your online content? These are just a few of the many questions that must be considered.


At CodeBright we take the time to get to know our clients, to develop an understanding of their business needs, but most of all the expectations of their web presence. Design or development without planning may leave you with a pretty website if you’re lucky, but it may fall well short of meeting the needs of the customer or your business.

At the design stage, we still aren’t thinking about code yet. This is where we lay out your site…using pen and paper! Too often designers and developers jump right in without a roadmap, ultimately leading to a lack of an efficient and effective design process.



This is where it all comes together, excellent planning and perfect design…what could go wrong? In a word, everything! At CodeBright, we make sure we test, test, and test some more. We take the time to sit with you, and more importantly, your potential customers to ensure we are meeting the expectations for your website.

Finally, your work is done. You have a beautiful website that performs flawlessly. You can sit back and relax…for about one day. Software updates, malware and numerous other pitfalls await your website if it is not closely monitored. At CodeBright we specialize in web maintenance, making sure we keep your site safe, secure and always updated.